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The Local Perspective

Vaca Key is peaceful. Charming. A welcome retreat from the craziness of the Keys. And we want you to make the most of it. Let us show you around — check out our staff picks for insider tips and recommendations.

family at the beach

Run Away To The Bay

With the holiday season comes holiday stress and panic; where to celebrate, what to cook, who to host. You and the family deserve to take a break from reality and escape to a calm and quiet tropical haven. Forget all your worries and reap the benefits of slow season; browse our amazing rates now as it’s time to pack your bags and give thanks this November at Marlin Bay Resort & Marina. 

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three dolphins underwater

Swim with the Dolphins at Dolphin Research Center

Make learning fun again as you splash with Florida Keys’ famous bottlenose dolphins. The Dolphin Research Center nurtures a swimming environment with educational opportunities. 

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marlin offers book4nights

The Best Deals of the Year in the Florida Keys

Fall is right around the corner, which means kids are going back to school and pumpkin spice is slowly creeping its way into your morning coffee. This is the time of the year that avid travelers know is the best time to travel because there are fewer crowds.

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Working from the Keys

"WFH" should really be "Work From Here"

Dreamy coastlines, relaxed island vibes, and days filled with swaying palms and fresh seafood. Sounds too good to be true? Then you’ve never been to Marlin Bay. With remote work on the rise, pick your office wisely and make paradise your backdrop.

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two people relaxing at sunset

The Most Iconic Places to Travel in the U.S.

As the summer rolls around, travel appears to be on everybody’s mind. Whether you’re dreaming of a cosmopolitan escape or unhurried coastal relaxation, you don’t need to cross country borders to find all of the above and more. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’re in the right place. Here are just a few of the iconic destinations you can visit in the United States.

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grilled shrimp

Cook Your Catch of the Day at Marlin Bay Resort & Marina

There’s nothing more satisfying than catching your own fish, except maybe preparing and enjoying it too. The wind in your hair as your boat glides over the top of the water, the hunt for the perfect fishing spot, and the fight of reeling in a prized game fish off the Florida coast. It’s one of our favorite ways to spend the day!

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marlinbay image

The Top 5 Luxury Places to Stay in The Florida Keys Beyond Key West

In recent years, the neighboring islands to Key West that make up the Florida Keys have caught the attention of an increasing number of travelers…over 5 million every year! Key West is an iconic destination and continues to draw crowds, but with Covid and distancing concerns—there are lesser-known places to drop your anchor that are incredible options for travelers looking for a unique vacation experience while still enjoying everything The Florida Keys has to offer.

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marina bay directions from oceanside inset img

Top 5 Luxury Marinas in The Florida Keys

Due to Covid-19, more boats have been purchased in the U.S. in the last year than ever before! With the newfound flexibility of working remotely—consumers are aiming to spend more time on their recently purchased boat than commuting to the office.

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marlin bay resort aerial shot

Vacation Rentals In Paradise

When most people travel, they want amenities and comforts they can’t experience at home. Extended vacation rentals are currently topping the market around the world because guests want to upgrade their accommodations without having to deal with the crowds of hotels. Marlin Bay Resort & Marina provides all the privacy and amenities you can dream of without the unwanted crowds.

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woman snorkeling holding starfish

Escape to the Florida Keys

Each winter, people head to the Florida Keys for its beautiful weather, crystal clear water, incredible dining, and stunning natural beauty. However, there is also a plethora of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. 

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couple toasting with tropical drinks outside by pool

Winter In The Keys

Experience the Florida Keys this winter season at Marlin Bay Resort and Marina. You deserve a bit of warmth and relaxation to celebrate the end of the year. Conveniently, we place you near the fun and excitement of the Keys so you can enjoy year-round summer weather.

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family standup paddle boarding

Flexcation in the Florida Keys

Jump in on the latest family travel trend and take a Flexcation to the Florida Keys.

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man diving for lobster

Let The Lobster Season Begin!

Calling all seafood lovers—lobster season is almost upon us! But before jumping into the deep end, there are a few things you should know. 

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key west architecture

Day Trip to Key West

Marlin Bay offers serenity in the Florida Keys, with elegant residences in a waterfront location and a private marina. 

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southernmost point in key west

Marathon to the Southernmost Point

This summer, take a road trip that ventures to the very edge—all the way to the Southernmost Point of the Continental United States (a great place for a photo!). 

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overseas highway

The Route to Marathon

Going for a long, scenic drive can be such a breath of fresh air. Traveling to Marlin Bay in the Florida Keys is a memorable experience you will love. We’ve put together a little itinerary for a road trip from mainland Florida to Marathon on historic US1. 

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fishing rod in florida keys

Year-Round Fishing in Marathon

When it comes to charter fishing, the Florida Keys are exceptionally fortunate. Year-round, there is a “targeted fish” to be found in our waters—or a fish most likely to be caught at the time of year. This makes planning a future fishing trip exciting, no matter what month you select.

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lobster roll on a wooden table

Family-Friendly Fun at the Original Marathon Seafood Festival

Now in its 44th year, the Original Marathon Seafood Festival is the Keys’ premier annual gathering for fresh seafood and live musical entertainment.

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sunset at the sailboat deck while cruising

Five-Star Reviews from Guests at Marlin Bay

Since the day we opened, Marlin Bay Resort and Marina has had just one objective: to provide the very best in luxury travel accommodations and services to guests who want to enjoy all that’s made The Keys a top international vacation destination. 

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man holding fresh caught mahi mahi on ocean boat

Tips and Recommendations for the Best Fishing Vacation in the Florida Keys

With 74 boat slips and a dedicated staff of seasoned pros, our private marina makes Marlin Bay Resort the Keys’ top vacation destination among elite boating and fishing enthusiasts. Here are some helpful tips on where to go in Marathon to find all the things you’ll need for a successful fishing expedition.

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colorful ice cream scoops

The Homemade Treats of Sweet Savannah’s Bake Shop

If you’ve ever spent time in the small towns of the American heartland, you probably know the pleasure of savoring a scoop of handmade ice cream at the local ice cream parlor or selecting the perfect pastry made fresh that morning at the bakery on the square.

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florida keys aerial view with crystal blue waters

A Bird's-Eye-View of the Keys

From kayaking to kiteboarding, from snorkeling to scuba diving, there are plenty of ways to see the Florida Keys both above water and below. But how about a bird's-eye-view?

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sea turtle swimming by the sand

Help Heal the Keys’ Gentlest Underwater Residents at the Turtle Hospital of Marathon

The waters surrounding the Florida Keys constitute one of the most wondrously complex ecosystems in North America. Unfortunately, human development often troubles the delicate balance of nature, which can endanger the Keys’ vibrant sea life.

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stingrays on the ocean floor

Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters

If you’d like to explore the marine life of the Keys up close in a fun and informative environment, we highly recommend checking out Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters during your stay with us.

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retro red biplane in the sky

Explore the History of Aviation at the Marathon Air Museum

When you think of the Florida Keys, you probably imagine pristine beaches, crystal clear water, and maritime adventures. And though it’s true that we do specialize in the pleasures of the sea, there’s one spot in Marathon that’s sure to lift your imagination up into the clouds.

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three dolphins underwater

Swimming with the Dolphins

Since at least the 1960s, when the popular TV series Flipper debuted on NBC, Americans have been in love with dolphins. Though the show is set in Key Largo, the best spot in the Keys to learn about and play with dolphins is actually located in Grassy Key, just a short 15-minute drive from the Marlin Bay Resort & Marina.

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couple kayaking in calm waters

Kayak the Keys with AquaVentures Eco Tours

One of the nation’s most beautiful and ecologically diverse travel destinations, the Florida Keys offer seemingly endless opportunities for adventure. If you’re looking for a fun, new way to explore the natural splendor of the Keys during your stay with us, consider checking out AquaVentures Eco Tours, Marathon’s premier provider of kayaking tours for the whole family.

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Native bird perched in a tree

Crane Point: A Natural History Oasis

The Crane Point Museum, Nature Center, and Historic Site is a 63-acre preserve nestled inside the Marathon shopping district. An absolute must-see for anyone visiting Vaca Key, Crane Point includes a Museum of Natural History, a Children’s Museum, the Marathon Wild Bird Center, and the George Adderley House.

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aerial view of the seven mile bridge with green blue water and blue sky

The Seven Mile Bridge: A Florida Icon

Head west from the Marlin Bay Yacht Club, and you’ll quickly come across a bridge. Crossing it, though, takes considerably longer; but you’ll want to take your time. The Seven Mile Bridge is as much a part of Florida as the keys which it spans. 

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